The Old Mill Door High Coffee Table



We see potential in!

The old mill door has seen an industry come and go finally to be replaced with a modern window. Giving Made in CLP the chance to give life to its demise.

Using some beautifully turned table legs, the legs bite into the corners of the door in a tight grip, suspending, holding in place the weathered door with its hundred years of  time created wear and tear, gently touched to  reveal its natural finish. The legs topped with glass creating a depth that encloses the door giving a museum like aura.

This item is for sale, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Telephone 01422 321600. 

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Pink Gin Vintage

Stock photography for a new website coming soon, really cool original clothing. 

Sue Gill Your Event Solutions

‘’Chris Lord Photography has offered a flexible and creative service to YES (Your Event Solutions) Ltd and travelled around UK and Europe for over 10 years,  supporting our clients varying requirements.

Chris is relevant and  honest.  We enjoy having him on our team wherever possible. Clients LOVE him too!’’

Sue Gill

Managing Director & CEO 

Your Event Solutions

David Thomas

"Chris Lord is a stunning photographer. He has that amazing way of making you feel totally at ease - important for me as we were doing a diet shoot and he was taking pics of me in my underpants! His use of lighting was perfect and he was totally creative in his thought process about how best to present me. He is down to earth, funny and an all round nice guy. These are not essential in a photographer but are in someone you need to trust and want to work with. A brilliant guy both in front of and behind the lens."

 Portfolio, David Thomas


"Chris was a real pleasure to work with. He took time out to really understand our brief and offered a very relaxed and professional shoot. His photography and knowledge was of the highest standard and I couldn't recommend his work highly enough." - Fold



House of Foxy


A chance meeting in a French campsite has brought together
and ourselves at Chris Lord Photography into a new and progressive photographic and creative relationship.
The House of Foxy, an exciting British brand taking its influences from classic 20th century fashions primarily 1925-1964.
We have embarked on a mix of editorial and product images, the set designs built as an environment to capitulate the fashion and style looking to the future with continuity and balance for the product.

Kevan Jon Fashion



A brief history of Kevan Jon Aspinall . After art collage in West Yorkshire Kevan  moved to London to do fashion at Epsom School of art and design. Graduating in 1991. He was chosen to represent young British talent at Latvia fashion week this was the start of his career in fashion. His debut collection was shown at the London show in September 1992. The business began l. Kevan Jon   business headquarters is now based in Halifax producing fantastic fashion, shapely, bold and an amazing choice of fabrics, season to seasons.


Our first meeting with Kevan Jon   was to produce a Christmas special party time set of images 2009

christmas fashion

From there we have built up a relationship mixing simple product  shoots moving to more elaborate set building creating exciting fantasies based around the collections theme.





Backdrop for exhibition at